Tummy Tuck in Las Vegas

Also known as abdominoplasty, in Las Vegas the tummy tuck is amongst the most preferred surgeries for dealing with after-delivery and abdominal-weight-variation problems of women. The procedure is an excellent way to shape the abdomen and decrease the waistline by tightening the abdominal wall. This procedure is exactly what our certified physicians suggest for both men and women with abdominal protuberance that may be the result of fat accumulation, bulging muscles, genetically weak muscles, and stretched out or loose skin. They believe that tummy tuck is a better solution for these problems than liposuction or exercise. While liposuction targets only fat and not overlying skin or underlying muscles, exercise does not strengthen the skin or refurbish the underlying muscles.

There are also people who have lower abdominal scars, grave stretch marks, misshapen navels, or contour irregularities due to a former surgery. Our surgeons are proficient enough to correct these issues efficiently and effectively through a tummy tuck surgery in Las Vegas to reinstate a flat, symmetric, toned, youthful-looking, and well-contoured abdomen. They strive for natural looking results.


The Eligibility Criteria

Tummy tuck in Las Vegas is for those men and women who are worried about their loose skin and fat deposits in the abdomen, which do not fade with proper diet and exercise. It is suitable as well for women who have had several deliveries, resulting in their abdominal muscles becoming stretched out and weak. In most cases, our qualified physicians suggest a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction for optimal shaping of the abdomen and sides.


The Procedure

The surgery starts by making the first incision above the pubic area, from hipbone to hipbone. Then, another incision is made to detach the belly button from the surrounding tissue. Now, the skin is separated from the abdominal wall and a big skin flap is lifted to expose the vertical abdominal muscles that are tightened through pulling and stitching. As a result, a firmer abdominal wall is obtained, narrowing the waistline. Most often, the drain tubes are positioned beneath the skin to discard fluid if any, which can gather post operation. The separated skin is closed using a dissolving stitch material, which does not need to be removed.


The Techniques

Our surgeon may recommend mini-abdominoplasty to make smaller incisions, avoid shifting the belly button, and to limit the amount of skin dissection for firming the muscles. The recommendation would be based upon your goals and abdominal anatomy. Another technique that the experts might consider is Panniculectomy or abdominal dermatolipectomy wherein the suspended lower belly skin is removed to alleviate pain and avert infections. For many, this technique may be a necessity.


The Outcome

The incisions will be dressed and a binder is offered to support the abdomen and provide comfort by alleviating swelling after the surgery. Many sutures may be required at the navel, which can be removed within two to three weeks. If surface stitches are required, they will be removed within five to seven days. You will also have drains to gather fluid due to the operation, which are taken away in one to two weeks. Swelling and pain are normal but will not be unbearable. Standing upright can be difficult but walking will not be a problem. Depending on your work, you can return back to it within two or four weeks. However, scars may take up to nine months to fade.


The Cost


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