Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas

Also known as nose surgery, Rhinoplasty is preferred by many people in Las Vegas to change the looks of their nose. This surgery offers several variations to the shape of the nose. For example, Rhinoplasty can be used for increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, changing the tip or bridge, thinning the nostrils, or changing the angle between the upper lip and nose. Rhinoplasty can also improve the look of a big, long, hooked, curved, wide, or a humped nose. In addition, the surgery is capable of changing the skinny structure of the cartilage tip and nose.

Rhinoplasty can change the life of a patient, as the nose is one of the major contributors to the overall looks of an individual. Because of this, our physicians always consider the individual’s desires, expectations, and personal background while planning a rhinoplasty treatment. This surgery can be done for either reconstructive or cosmetic purposes. While the cosmetic purpose is to improve the nose appearance, the goal of reconstructive rhinoplasty is to deal with the tissue deficit in order to re-instate the looks and function to as close to normal as possible.


The Eligibility Criteria

The ideal candidate for rhinoplasty in Las Vegas is one who wishes for improvement in the appearance of the nose, or who has experienced damage in the nasal area. For this procedure, the candidate must be physically fit, psychologically stable, and must have realistic expectations. Moreover, age is also one of the criteria to look for. For teenagers, the surgery is suitable only after puberty. For adults, nose surgery is always recommended.

The Procedure

This complex and demanding surgery can be done either as an open or closed process. Our experienced surgeons will determine which of the two is ideal for you depending upon the complexity of the nose anatomy. Of the two, the open technique allows surgeons to view the nasal structure in depth so that the precision is made more accurately.

Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas is performed either by making incisions in the internal nose area so that no visible scars occur or by directly targeting the nose’s base (open approach). During the procedure, the skin is separated from the underlying structure of tissues and is sculpted to the wanted shape depending upon the surgeon’s preferred technique. Finally, the skin is attached to the new structure. After the completion of the surgery, a soft plastic splint is applied to reinforce the new shape. Our physicians prefer not to put nasal packing within your nose after the treatment so that you can breathe more easily. The surgery can take one to three hours depending upon the complexity of the procedure.


The Outcome

The initial 24 hours after the procedure, your face will feel swollen, your nose may hurt, and you may suffer from a mild headache. Therefore, we recommend you stay in bed as much as possible for the first day. Swelling and bruising surrounding your eyes will increase for the next 2-3 days but they will go away within two weeks. The desired shape will become visible once the swelling subsides.


The Cost

The surgeon’s fees for a nose surgery in Las Vegas range from $3000 to $6000.

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