Facelift Surgery in Las Vegas

It is common for both women and men to age more rapidly due to smoking, drinking, sun exposure, stress, and poor nutrition. As a result, an individual often feels older than he or she really is! To reverse this process to the maximum possible extent, our certified and experienced physicians in Las Vegas recommend facelift surgery. Such a surgery can be very beneficial for people who wish to regain their youthful appearance and a vibrant look. The aim of such a surgery, according to our certified physicians, is not to extensively modify the original look but rather to add a touch of natural and youthful glow so that you look years younger because they believe and rely only on natural results.

Due to the advanced techniques and the expertise of our physicians, not only your face but also your neckline and jaw can improve in terms of health and look thanks to facelift surgery in Las Vegas. With an assurance of long-lasting effects of up to 15 years, the surgery successfully tightens the loose skin and causal muscle of the face by discarding the surplus skin and fat. Each surgical method is tailored to the patient by considering their concerns, expectations, and personal goals. Our experts aim at an efficient, natural, and minimally invasive process as well as longevity of results. However, it should be noted that a facelift surgery in Las Vegas does not bring an end to the aging process. It is only there to improve the most visible forms of aging by removing surplus fat, tightening skin and muscles, and re-dressing the skin.


The Eligibility Criteria

The ideal candidate for this surgery is one whose face and neck shows signs of aging and has started to sag, but the skin is still elastic and the facial bones are strong and sharp. Our expert physicians treat a majority of patients who are in the age group of 30-70. However, they are also experienced enough to operate on people older than that bracket. Younger patients are recommended to have a mini face, lift featuring smaller incisions and quicker recovery period, than a full facelift.


The Procedure

Several techniques can be utilized, such as: full facelift, soft tissue fillers, neck liposuction, neck lift, and skin resurfacing.  Typically, a facelift surgery lasts 4-6 hours, is performed under general anesthesia, and on an outpatient basis. The surgery starts with an incision starting from above the ear at the temple on each side of the face and going along the hairline inside the ear to reach the lower scalp. Via these incisions, the underlying muscle of the face is separated from the skin and is pulled taut, followed by the application of sutures.

By a separate small incision beneath the chin, the surplus fat is suctioned out and that the muscle of the neck is tightened. Lastly, the loose skin is taken back securely and the surplus is discarded. For several days, thin drain tubes are embedded to take away any extra fluid and a dressing is wrapped around the head. Bruising, swelling, and an unnaturally pulled feel are the typically experienced side effects after the surgery.


The Outcome

Within three weeks, sutures and staples will come out. Numbness may remain for up to six months, but does not affect normal facial movement. Most people get back to work in two to three weeks when all bruising and swelling are gone. Scarring generally fades within a month.


The Cost

The average cost is around $12,000.

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