Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas

Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, breast augmentation aims at improving the figure, mass, and aesthetics of a woman’s breast. There are many women who have flat chest, misshapen breasts, or small breasts and experience breast deflation after pregnancy or breast-feeding, asymmetries, or too little cleavage. As a matter of fact, a good percent of Las Vegas ladies are looking to enlarge their small breasts to a more desirable shape and size. This is exactly where the breast augmentation with implants comes into the picture to enhance all these aesthetic conditions.


The Possible Implants

Our experienced physicians always go with the FDA-approved saline or silicone (which gives a more natural feel) implants for breast augmentation in Las Vegas. They are certified to accomplish the aesthetically beautiful results with any of the two. The tangibility of an implant depends upon the overlying tissues. For example, women with more natural and thicker breast tissues tend to feel the insert less than the ones with smaller breasts and thin tissues.


The Eligibility Criteria

A woman who wishes to uplift the size, shape, or looks of her breasts is an ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery. Further, a woman with breast asymmetry or innate chest deformity is also a candidate for this operation. In addition, a woman with reduced breast size after delivery or a woman having a very mild sagging can go for this surgery. All these candidates need to be in good health for the surgery. For silicone implants, the patient needs to be 18 years old at least.


The Procedure

This is an outpatient surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. Our licensed and experienced surgeon in charge will first chose a site of incision by keeping in mind the structure and preference of the patient and utilizing a direct positioning approach that can be either periareolar (around the nipple) or inframammary (under the breast). Now, a saline or silicon breast implant is then pocketed under the breast tissue or chest muscle that is also known as the pectoralis muscle. In case of non-sagging breasts, sub-muscular placement is preferred by our doctors for a more natural and softer look. The scars do occur and are usually 3cm in length in case of saline implants. For silicone implant, they are a bit longer. But in both the cases, the scars fade over time and are relatively unobtrusive.

Our doctors will suggest an implant style as per the patient’s anatomy and choices. Moderate style implants are conventional and efficient in offering the most natural look, while the higher profile ones are narrower to offer a rounder look and are fit for those desiring bigger cup sizes than their narrower frames.


The Outcome

The patient goes home after the surgery of breast augmentation in Las Vegas with a sports bra that is replaced by an underwire bra in 24 hours, which is then worn for 6-8 weeks to stabilize the breast pocket dimensions. The implants settle, soften, and fall some within 8 weeks but this depends upon the skin type and tissue tightness. Mild changes in looks may occur for 6 months after surgery. Pain is relieved with oral medications and muscle relaxers, while sutures dissolve on their own. Most women take 1-2 weeks off from their work.


The Cost

Placement of silicone implants varies widely. The cost ranges from $4,000- $12,000 for breast augmentations in Las Vegas.


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